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5 Factors Affecting Overall Performance and Cost

On face value, the choice of industrial inkjet inks and fluids seems like a pretty straightforward decision. There are many factors that affect the overall cost and performance of your marking and coding process. Something as simple as ink can have a profound effect on areas of your production operation that aren't always obvious.

Let us take some of the guesswork out of it for you. We've created an infographic that explores the ways your inkjet fluids are part of a larger production process. In it, we outline how downstream impacts can occur when these factors aren't taken into consideration. Feel free to share it with anyone in your organization, without attribution.

In this infographic, you'll discover the five critical factors to consider when evaluating inks and fluids for your marking and coding process:

  • Printing substrate
  • Durability requirements of product code
  • Production environment conditions
  • Regulatory/Safety requirements
  • Maintenance costs and risks

Learn how the right choice can save money and help maximize production uptime. Grab your own shareable infographic now DOWNLOAD from the right.


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