Free Industry Brief: Better Marking/Coding for Bakers and Confectioners

Bakers and Confectioners face a variety of new challenges. Your customers are demanding an ever growing variety of products. You need to respond to that demand but you're also under pressure to lower production costs. Could something as simple as your marking/coding process keep you from meeting those targets?

Make sure your marking and coding contributes to production success. We've created this industry brief that explores the marking and coding challenges specific to the bakery confectionery industry. You'll learn about the obstacles to marking and coding success. You'll discover how to get around those obstacles by considering three areas when implementing marking/coding in your production process:

  • Equipment durability factors specific to your production environment
  • How equipment usability affects changeovers and product mix
  • Ink and fluid evaporation losses and production costs

Learn how these 3 simple steps can help you hit production targets and keep production costs low. Download the free industry brief today to get started!


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