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Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi America, Ltd.

Community Relations

Hitachi America, Ltd. is committed to having an active role in the communities in which our employees work and live. Our community service and involvement is deeply ingrained in Hitachi’s corporate culture and has been a part of the company’s business philosophy since its founding in the United States nearly 50 years ago. Hitachi America, Ltd. supports the community and non-profit organizations.

Our Mission

  • To provide vital assistance to support educational initiatives
  • To educate the community about preserving our natural resources
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation and teamwork
  • To provide our employees with opportunities to get involved with the community
  • To engage employees in volunteering

Corporate Charitable Giving

Hitachi America, Ltd. has a long history of giving back to the communities in which the company operates and in which its employees work and live. Hitachi America, Ltd.’s approach to corporate citizenship, like its business, is guided by a belief that the company has a role to play in solving serious global challenges. As a company, Hitachi is applying its expertise in both infrastructure and IT to address these issues. Our charitable giving reflects our desire to support organizations that are searching for innovative solutions to challenges related to improving STEM education opportunities for students and protecting the environment.

How We Make Grants

Please note that Hitachi America, Ltd. no longer encourages unsolicited grant proposals. The company prefers to develop targeted initiatives with specific institutions and organizations.

For more information about Hitachi’s corporate charitable giving, please contact community.relations@hal.hitachi.com.