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Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi Microgrids
More reliable, less costly, cleaner energy

Microgrid Benefits


The traditional power grid is based on a complex system of aging long distance transmission, transformation, and distribution equipment, at risk from increasingly severe storms.

Microgrids can keep their host institutions powered with on-site generation, even when the utility grid is lost.

Cost Savings

Microgrids offer customers low, predictable energy costs that don’t grow along with the market. The microgrid controls can maximize the cost savings customers realize, by supporting demand response, and continuously choosing the least expensive source of energy, whether from onsite renewables or the utility.


In addition to improved efficiency, microgrids enable the cost effective and coordinated deployment of onsite renewable energy resources.

Microgrids improve the value proposition for renewables, by adding the resilience that comes with island mode, and the efficiency and performance of a centralized control system.


The Hitachi Microgrid Explorer Tool

Use this interactive tool to start scoping a microgrid project for your organization, and learn about the challenges and opportunities you will face based on your project’s size, location, sector, and other factors.


The Hitachi Difference

An end-to-end solution for microgrid feasibility, design, engineering, construction, finance, operations, and maintenance.

Hitachi Energy Solutions delivers one-stop microgrid solutions to customers seeking a more reliable, secure energy supply, reduced emissions, and lowered energy costs. Hitachi designs, finances, builds and operates microgrids for a variety of utility, municipal, and commercial clients. Being vendor agnostic, we design the system and choose the equipment and software that meets your specific objectives, while optimizing system performance and economics.


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