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Hitachi America, Ltd. Industrial Components and Equipment Division (ICED)

About Industrial Components and Equipment Division

Industrial Components and Equipment Division (ICED), inherited the motor business from Hitachi, Ltd., the original business of Hitachi, has been in charge of industrial electric equipment amongst the Hitachi Group, a group covering diversified areas that can provide all equipment, services and solutions for various applications including those for industrial and social infrastructures.

Our vision is to become foundation for the affluent life of people by supporting both industrial and social infrastructures.

In a context of changing life styles, values and social and industrial structures, Hitachi will continue to advance our aim of predicting future trends and responding to customers' expectations and requests "steadily" and "sincerely." To this end, we will continue to better ourselves and do our best efforts so that we can play a central role in leading and innovating the industrial electric equipment segment.

The Division is engaged in a wide variety of businesses, including the motor business, which is in its 100th year since foundation, along with social/daily life infrastructure and other businesses involved in industrial electrical equipment, such as factory automation/control systems, wind/water systems, pneumatic systems, power distribution, environmental systems, HVAC systems, and labor-saving systems. By integrating the Division's complete engineering ability, utilizing its technological capabilities accumulated over longevity, and employing know-how based on its history and business results, the Division provides high value-added products and system solutions that promptly reflect customer needs.

The Division's business concept is contributing to environmental protection and energy conservation. The Division aims to contribute to the improvement of current and future global, social, and security environments using its technological capabilities, and strives to become the foundation of society and industry, promoting continuous growth at the same time. These goals have been, and will be, the objectives of the company's business.

Based on the founding concepts of 'harmony,' 'sincerity,' and 'pioneering spirit', the Division has made it the basic principle to operate business directly linked to our customers with integrated services, sales, and manufacturing, and is determined to contribute to the progress and development of our society through high-quality products and services.


Offices and Locations:

Tarrytown, NY – Division Headquarter
Charlotte, NC – Regional office and Distribution Center
Brisbane, CA – Regional office