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Hitachi two-stage VSD DSP oil-free rotary screw air compressors provide contaminant free compressed air for a variety of manufacturing facilities. Hitachi's rich experience and technological breakthroughs in the development of industrial-class air compressors has made the industrial VSD DSP oil-free rotary screw air compressors ideal for all industrial applications.

Hitachi Motor, TEFC / IEEE Compliants

Three Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty (Use of genuine Hitachi consumables and adherence to the standard maintenance schedule are required)

Innovation Through Technology

1st and 2nd Stage Stainless Steel Rotors

  • Eliminate corrosion and promote adhesion of coatings

Patented Rotor Design Profile

  • Provides greater efficiency and higher airend reliability

HX-18 PTFE-Free Rotor Coating

  • Ensures air purity

Patented Hi-precooler

  • Stainless steel Hi-precooler protects aluminum after cooler
  • Maximizes thermal efficiency
  • Improves reliability of the cooling system

Energy Efficient

1st and 2nd Stage Stainless Steel Rotors

  • Constant pressure control
  • Hitachi original control PID logic
  • High Efficiency DCBL drive
  • Inverter controlled cooling fan, rotation speed is controlled by ambient conditions and load rat

Energy Efficient

Patented Oil-Mist Remover (OMR)

  • Prevents gear case oil mist from venting to atmosphere

Auto Draign Solenoid Valve

  • Standard on every model

Ultimate Air Quality with high reliability and efficiency... "The Comfort Zone"

Versatility of Design

Space Saving

  • Units are smaller in overall dimension
  • Panel accessibility promotes space conservation

Industry Leading Sound

  • Quiet enclosure
  • Designed for minimization of leak paths

Motorized Isolation Valve (MIV)

  • Automatic or Schedule Start/Stop Control.
  • Duel Control Operation for lead/lag capability.
  • Operation Data recording capability.
  • Automatic Remote Dryer Pre-Start capability.
  • Shutdown History Menus.
  • PowerSave Operation saves power by automatically decreasing the unload pressure and averaging the operating pressure.
  • Instantaneous Power Interruption (IPI).

Two-Stage Variable Speed Air Compressors Applications