Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi Industrial Equipment

SRL Series

100% Oil-Less Contaminant Free Air

TEFC / NEMA Premium Motor

Two Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty (Use of genuine Hitachi consumables and adherence to the standard maintenance schedule are required)

Innovation Through Technology

Patented Tip Seal & Scroll Wrap

  • Increases performance
  • Extends service intervals
  • High Efficiency

Patented AlumiteTM Treament

  • Extends the life of the scroll
  • Reduces life cycle costs

Industry Leading Sound

Oil-less Design

  • Provides ultimate air quality
  • Eliminates environmental emissions
  • Conserve natural resources

Multi-Stage Cooling

  • Stabilizes discharge temperature

Enviornmentally Friendly

Industry Leading Sound

  • Quiet enclosure standard
  • Designed for minimization of leak paths

Multiplex Sound Levels

7.5 kW


57 dB(A)

11.0 kW


59 dB(A)

16.5 kW


61 dB(A)

22 kW


64 dB(A)

33 kW


67 dB(A)

Multi-drive Control

  • By predicting the compressed air needs, the compressor operation is modified.

  • Multi-Drive Control will shutdown 1 or 2 compressor heads and lower the maximum pressure setting automatically.

  • The starting and stopping of compressor heads is controlled by the rate of change of the discharge system pressure.

  • Saves energy by avoiding uselss operation and maintains consistency of hours of operation between all compressor heads.

Versatility of Design

Hitachi Control Methodology

  • Microprocessor control ensures greatest efficiency of operation

  • Cycle Control Logic automatically elongates load/unload (on/off) cycle to avoid excessive restarting frequency, thus extending the life

Space Saving

  • Unit is compact

  • Panel accessibility reduces space needed

Space Saving

  • Front door has secured access