Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi Industrial Equipment


100% Oil-Less Contaminant Free Air

TEFC / NEMA Premium Motor

Two Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty (Use of genuine Hitachi consumables and adherence to the standard maintenance schedule are required)

Innovation Through Technology

Patented Tip Seal & Scroll Wrap

  • Increases performance
  • Extends service intervals
  • High Efficiency

Patented AlumiteTM Treament

  • Extends the life of the scroll
  • Reduces life cycle costs

Multi-Stage Cooling

Use of primary aftercooler and secondary tank cooling stabilizes discharge air temperature.

Integrated Air Storage

Integrated 12L air storage receiver promoting proper air system design


Industry Leading Sound

  • Quiet enclosure standard
  • Designed for minimization of leak paths

Multiplex Sound Levels

1.5 kW


48 dB(A)

2.2 kW


51 dB(A)

3.7 kW


51 dB(A)

5.5 kW


53 dB(A)

7.5 kW


57 dB(A)

11.0 kW


59 dB(A)

16.5 kW


61 dB(A)

22 kW


64 dB(A)

33 kW


67 dB(A)

Oil-Less & Compact

Oil-less Design    

  • Provides ultimate air quality
  • Eliminates environmental emissions
  • Conserve natural resources

Space Saving

  • Unit is compact
  • Panel accessibility reduces space needed

Versatility of Design

Hitachi Control Methodology

  • Microprocessor control ensures greatest efficiency of operation
  • Cycle Control Logic automatically elongates load/unload (on/off) cycle to avoid excessive restarting frequency, thus extending the life

Scroll Compression Principle

Hitachi Control Methodology

To initiate compression, two scroll members comprised of: 1) Orbiting scroll member and 2) Fixed scroll members are mated to create compression chambers. The continual rotary movement of the orbiting scroll member compresses air from the atmosphere creating Oil-Free and Contaminant-Free air for discriminating compressed air applications.