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SRL Series

SRL Series

Hitachi SRL Series scroll compressors are built on over 100 years of compressed air technology. The ultra-reliable SRL Series is a 100% Oil-Less design making it ideal for your pure air needs.

Why Hitachi?


Standard design features make Hitachi Scroll compressors some of the quietest on the market.


A small footprint and easy panel accessibility allow Hitachi Scroll compressors to fit in areas that other compressors can’t.


Hitachi scrolls have a special Alumite surface treatment that extends scroll life and reduces life cycle cost.


Hitachi scroll compressors incorporate two stage cooling which stabilizes discharge temperature.


The combination of a patented scroll wrap design and proprietary tip seal increases performance by decreasing leakage, improved efficiency and extends service intervals.

100% Oil-Less

 Hitachi oil-free scroll technology is 100% oil-less meaning zero oil. This results in a compressor that emits no harmful emissions into the environment, conserves natural resources and produces high quality air for your pure-air applications.


A microprocessor using proprietary control logic allows Hitachi scroll compressors to maintain control pressure while minimizing restart frequency and energy use.