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Air Technology Group Products

Hitachi Air Technology Group offers a pioneering range of products including DSP oil free rotary screw air compressors, SRL oil free scroll air compressors, and vortex blowers. Since the development of its first air compressor in 1911, Hitachi has been efficiently contributing toward the mission "Contribute to Society through Technology". This continued dedication towards the society and the environment has enabled Hitachi Air Technology Group to consistently bring technological advancements in product design and development.

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DSP Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Hitachi industrial DSP oil free rotary screw air compressors follow rigorous purity class standards, and are easy to maintain and operate under diverse industrial environments.

SRL Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors

Hitachi's continued innovation in the development of industrial SRL oil less scroll air compressors has made it possible to deliver reliable, environment friendly compressed air at lower energy cost.

Vortex Blowers

Hitachi industrial vortex blowers are custom-engineered to suit varied needs of large air volume applications, discharge applications, and vacuum applications.

Vortex Blower Model Selection Guide

Hitachi vortex blower model selection guide helps you choose the most suitable vortex blower model for your application. Follow the easy, two-step guide and select the best technology to meet your specific requirements.

Products History

Since 1910, Hitachi has been developing a variety of innovative, technologically advanced, and value oriented products that have efficiently contributed to the society and the environment.