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Air Technology Group Products Applications

Hitachi Air Technology Group is a global provider of technologically advanced and easy-to-use vortex blowers. Hitachi industrial vortex blowers compliment an array of product applications for energy efficient air compression and vacuum. Our vortex blowers are capable of providing reliable air movement at varying pressures and volumes with consistent performance throughout the operating range of each model.

Hitachi industrial vortex blowers are preferred over the traditional high-pressure plant air, and are widely used in industrial, commercial, municipal, and OEM applications. Also known as "Ring", "Regenerative, or "Centrifugal" Blowers, Hitachi vortex blowers are installed for wastewater treatment, aquaculture, aeration, conveying, pick and place, whirlpool tubs and spas, soil remediation, pneumatic tube message systems, extruders, vacuum hold down, vacuum lifting, and more.

Watch the following videos to get detailed information on how Hitachi Air Technology Group products are ideal for various rigorous industrial applications.

Batch Processing - Vortex Blowers Application

Batch Processing

Process cards, sheets, and other routine sorting projects with optimal ease via Hitachi vortex blowers.

Spas and Whirlpool Aeration - Vortex Blowers Application

Spas and Whirlpool Aeration

Aerate the water for movement in indoor or outdoor pools through the vortex blowers.

Dust Collecting - Vortex Blowers Application

Dust Collecting

Use the vortex blower air to collect dust, waste paper, and scraps using air and process debris.

Packaging - Vortex Blowers Application


Transfer powders and other chemicals with the help of the air flow generated by the vortex blowers.

Food Processing - Vortex Blowers Application

Food Processing

Gently wash and handle fragile food products like eggs with the help of the adjustable flows of vortex blowers.

Pellets and Solids Transfer - Vortex Blowers Application

Pellets and Solids Transfer

Move pellets, foam, granules, and other light solids through the vortex blowers.

Cut/Stamp Processing - Hitachi Vortex Blowers Application

Cut/Stamp Processing

Separate out the excessive material in cutting and stamping procedures by using flow or vacuum generated through the vortex blowers.

Vacuum Transfer - Hitachi Vortex Blowers Application

Vacuum Transfer

Transport cards and sheets using vacuum created via the vortex blowers.