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Compressed Air

A Clean, Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Utility

Overview - Production facilities often call compressed air the fourth utility, behind electricity, water, and natural gas. It is used in a wide range of applications from material transfer and powering pneumatic tools, to valve and damper actuation to name a few. As an essential component of many production processes its safety, cleanliness, and reliability can make or break production targets. In addition, industrial compressed air systems are a large consumer of energy so a focus on system efficiencies delivers significant energy savings. 

Production facilities that use compressed air effectively usually account for:

  • System leaks
  • Matching pressure to application load demand
  • Generated heat and energy recovery
  • FDA air quality regulatory requirements
  • Compressed air treatment (drying / filtering)
  • Unnecessary continuous operation
  • Ambient inlet air conditions
  • Inefficient air distribution system design
  • Inconsistent maintenance
  • Improper compressed air uses
  • Noise

Products that contribute to compressed air systems should deliver:

  • Energy efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Class 0 air quality
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Variable speed control option
  • Environmentally friendly fluids and materials
  • Low operating/maintenance costs
  • Long maintenance cycle
  • Long lasting consumable parts
  • Pressure and capacity versatility/flexibility