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Industrial Control Systems & PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Products

Hitachi, Ltd., in Japan has been a world leader in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) products, industrial automation systems and industrial control systems for more than 25 years. A worldwide sales and service network along with factory support centers is already in place to assist our customers with Hitachi PLC products.

Hitachi PLC products and Hitachi industrial control systems were developed with special consideration for network abilities, international standards and reduction of EMC noise. Due to an extensive array of commands, excellent communication capabilities and high flexibility, each series established a new standard in its class upon introduction. The ANYBUS®-system ensures compatibility with industry standard fieldbus systems.

Hitachi PLCs come in following two standard models to meet the requirements of different applications and end users:

EH-150 Series Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

EH-150 Series PLC

The EH-150 Series PLC offers a variety of modules to suit various applications. The Number of I/O points can be increased up to 3,520 points using Hitachi's newly launched CPU, EH-CPU548. With the improved CPU, the processing speed is improved to 0.1us/command with an increased program memory of 48k steps.

Micro-EH Series PLC

The Micro-EH Series PLC is a compact PLC with 12 bit analog I/O, built-in high speed counter, PWM and pulse train output with maximum 140 I/O points.

Hitachi Industrial Control Systems & PLC Products Contact Details

For Hitachi PLC product sales information, availability, and technical support including available programming tools for the Hitachi Hizac, EC, EM, EMII, H200/250/252, EH, EHV, and Large-H Series, please contact:

Lighthouse PLCs, Inc.
2549 Rosebay Street
Eugene, OR 97402-6148
Tel: (541) 463-1496
Fax: (541) 463-1497

For product sales and support for the Hitachi S10 Series and factory automation systems, please contact:

Hitachi America, Ltd.
Tony O. Adeyemi
Information Division
2001 Bryan St., Suite 3600
Dallas TX 75201
Tel: (214) 665-3569
Fax: (214) 752-8630