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Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers

PH Series Continuous Inkjet Printers

Hitachi offers highly advanced industrial PH Series continuous inkjet printers, designed to reduce solvent emission and minimize fluid usage by up to 50 percent. Our PH Series continuous inkjet printers are equipped with a unique ink circulation system that ensures continuous flow of ink without any blockages. Hitachi PH Series industrial continuous inkjet printers significantly reduce printing costs and equipment downtime, while maximizing your return on investment through higher component reliability and MTBFR (Mean Time Between Failure Rates).

Our high quality continuous inkjet printers are manufactured according to RoHS environmental guidelines. As the European Union RoHS Directive restricts the use of hazardous hexavalent metals in electrical and electronic equipment, Hitachi manufactures continuous inkjet printers with these directives in mind, thereby voluntarily reducing the amount of hexavalent hazardous metals and reducing the environmental impact.

PH-D Model

Hitachi PH-D Model Continuous Inkjet Printers

Hitachi PH-D model continuous inkjet printers are perfect for simple marking and coding applications. Besides meeting RoHS Compliance, Hitachi PH-D model continuous inkjet printers include several unique features like auto-flush during shutdown, touch screen interface, onscreen troubleshooting guide, CF card data storage, and strong console design.

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