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Hitachi PXR-P Pigmented Model Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers

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PXR-P Series Pigmented Model Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers

PXR-P Pigmented Model Continuous Inkjet Printers

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Hitachi industrial PXR-P (Pigmented Model) continuous inkjet printers offer increased reliability, easier operation and maintenance, and integration of high-tech and state-of-the-art design. The PXR-P continuous inkjet printers are the pigmented model printers that fall under the Hitachi PXR Series continuous inkjet printers category. The PXR-P Series inkjet printers are equipped with an automatic intermittent mechanical stirring system using a specially designed magnetic stirrer to maintain precise pigment suspension, which allows good contrast and adhesion on a broad range of dark surface products.

PXR-P Model Inkjet Printers Features

Following are the key features and links to the videos of Hitachi PXR-P (Pigmented Model) continuous inkjet printer:


  • Logo creation or Standard pattern modification functionality
  • Setup of various Barcodes, DM, Shift codes, Calendar and Counter conditions
  • Watch the Touch Screen video


  • 65µm nozzle with SS orifice nozzle with SS nozzle
  • Auto-flushing during shutdown to prevent nozzle clogging
  • Watch the Printhead video


  • Air Filter/Regulator to control external pneumatic air supply


  • Combination of viscosity control and density control to reduce solvent consumption and maintain high print quality
  • External air supply needed ONLY to support automatic pneumatic agitation system for ink reservoir and main ink tank
  • Automatic intermittent mechanical stirring system to maintain precise pigment suspension



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