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About Industrial Inverters

Hitachi proudly serves its global customers with a range of industrial inverters ideal for different industrial applications. Hitachi industrial inverters are designed and configured to deliver maximum efficiency under varied operating conditions and reduce overall power consumption. We make sure that our industrial inverters are highly economical, compact and eco-friendly to give you a competitive edge.

Hitachi manufactures a complete family of AC variable frequency inverters and induction motor drives below 500hp. Our major product lines cover a broad range of applications in the industrial processes and commercial HVAC markets. Hitachi industrial inverters and drives are precision engineered to meet the growing industry demands and provide uninterrupted output.

Browse through the link below to explore the list of Hitachi industrial inverters product families: Industrial AC Variable Speed Drives Less Than 500hp

Check out the Hitachi Electronic Devices USA, Inc. website to get further information on monochrome STN display and Color STN display CFL Inverters [part number INVCxxx and TDK xxxxxxx].

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