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Hitachi Inverter Products for Crane & Hoist Industry

The Hitachi inverter products and AC variable speed drives for Crane & Hoist Industry are suited for all CMAA and HMI service classes for traverse and hoisting motion. The SJ700 AC variable speed drives are large capacity
and high torque drives suitable for applications up to 10 hp. On the other hand, the WJ200 Series industrial
drives are compact, high torque, and full-featured micro drives that meet all performance and safety
requirements of Crane & Hoist systems.

Both SJ700 and WJ200 Series inverters are empowered for Crane & Hoist services, and conform to global standards, are environmentally friendly, and meet RoHS standards. Hitachi inverters also provide easy programming via the removable standard keypad, or through the advanced PC-based ProDrive software.

Following are some high-level features of the SJ700 and WJ200 Series of Hitachi variable speed drives for
Crane & Hoist industry:

  • Two high performance general-purpose vector drive families – WJ200 and SJ700
  • Compact form factor, high torque performance
  • Meet performance & safety requirements of Crane & Hoist systems using low-cost,
    off-the-shelf products
  • Application-specific by means of a proprietary crane and hoist interface board which
    converts 115 VAC pendant signals and performs necessary logic
  • Suitable for both load brake and non-load brake hoists, and traverse axes
  • Bridge control panels
    - Standard configurations
    - Configurable for custom requirements
Hitachi Inverter Products - Crane & Hoist Industry

Hitachi Crane & Hoist Industry Inverter Products Contact Details

Follow the link below to download or view the PDF version of the list of North American Sales Representatives for Hitachi Crane & Hoist industry inverter products:

For further information on Hitachi inverter products for Crane & Hoist industry, please contact:

Hitachi America Ltd.
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50 Prospect Avenue
Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591
Phone: (914) 631-0600
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