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Support, Service & Sales - Industrial Inverters & AC Variable Speed Drives

Hitachi has a large network of industrial inverters support, service, and sales. In addition, we provide extensive technical support, training and software downloads to help you easily and safely operate Hitachi industrial AC drives and inverters.

Follow the links below for more information on Hitachi industrial inverters (AC Drives) technical support, training, software downloads, and sales & service locations:

Hitachi Inverter Products Global Support

Hitachi is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, and it maintains support facilities across the globe. We provide local support for Hitachi industrial inverter products, irrespective of the geographic location of your installed equipment. With global presence in North & Latin America, Europe, Africa, Near & Middle East, Asia, Oceania, China, and Japan regions, you can be rest assured that local and regional support for Hitachi inverter products is always available.

Follow the link below to locate the nearest Hitachi office, in case you or your customers require local support, anywhere in the world, for Hitachi variable frequency drives (VFDs):

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