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Authorized Service Centers - Industrial Inverters & AC Variable Speed Drives

IMPORTANT: Please read the following before obtaining Warranty Repair services through the Authorized Service Centers for Hitachi industrial AC drives and inverters:

  1. Warranty Repair is administered through our Distributor Network only. Therefore, in order
    to obtain Warranty repair, you must first contact the Distributor from whom the inverter
    was purchased.
  2. If you are unable to resolve the matter with the Distributor, contact Hitachi Technical
    Support at 914-524-6720.
  3. Warranty Repair requests will not be honored by any of our Authorized Service Centers, unless a valid Return Material Authorization (RMA) number has been issued by Hitachi.

Please refer to the Warranty Procedure for complete details.

If you feel your Hitachi industrial inverter has failed, please be sure to read the Warranty Procedure before you uninstall the inverter or attempt to return it to Hitachi.

For Non-Warranty service, you may contact any of the Hitachi industrial inverters Authorized Service Centers directly.

For Warranty and Non-Warranty service, download or view the list of Hitachi industrial inverters (AC Drives) Authorized Service Centers from the DOWNLOADS section below.


Please note that Hitachi only sells spare parts through its network of Authorized Service Centers. Download or view the list of Authorized Service Centers below, and contact one of the centers for spare and renewal parts requirements.

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