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UX-D110W - 100 micron Cartridge Model

A well-equipped printer with several top-up options, reduced makeup consumption and clean & easy change of cartridge-type bottles. It is capable of up to 4 lines of printing and up to 1,000 characters.

Easy to Use Interface

A large 10.4” display, and intuitive parameter illustrations reduce the complexity typically found in traditional small screen printers. In addition, messages can be easily changed in one screen, with a live WYSISYG display.

Easy Drain Cartridges

Hitachi's ink cartridges can be easily changed without stopping production. In addition, the unique design facilitates the complete evacuation of fluids, allowing users to take advantage of fluids right to the last drop. After removing empty cartridges, the cartridge is sealed thus eliminating sealed hazardous solvents.

Low Total Cost of Operation

Hitachi's design facilitates longevity, Each component of our print-head can be replaced individually, thus reducing the need to purchase costly sub-assemblies. Our preventative maintenance items are all replaceable individually as well, further reducing the unnecessary replacement of complete ink circuits or complete ink cores.


This model printer is IP-65 rated, meaning it can be integrated into a variety of production environments without worry or modification of current production processes such as wash-down procedures. The UX Series printers can operate in High and Low temperature environments as well as dusty environments, allowing them to be placed close to the action.

Large Characters

Our 100um nozzle allows for larger and bolder fonts while maintaining reliable print found in the rest of the UX Series.