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Hitachi Industrial Components and Equipment Division Events 2016​​

Trade Shows - Industrial Components and Equipment Division

Hitachi Industrial Equipment participates in a number of events, conferences and business trade shows every year, where we display our latest products and technologies and give you the chance to talk with a Hitachi representative. We encourage you to join Hitachi Industrial Equipment at the event locations near you, to explore our product range and get all your product related queries resolved.

Trade Shows 2016

Hitachi Industrial Equipment will participate in the following events during 2016. Choose a location near you, and visit to explore our extensive product family.




Product Group

IPPE January 26-28 Atlanta, GA IJP
Unified Wine and Grape January 26-28 Sacramento, CA ACT
Craft Bev Expo May 18-20 Oakland, CA ACT
AICD May 15-17 Chicago, IL ACT
Global Pouch Forum June 15-17 Miami, FL IJP
Turbomachinery show Sept 12-15 Houston, TX ACT
WEEC Sept 21-22 Washington, DC ACT

Product Key

Please refer the Product Key below for full names of Hitachi products mentioned in the above table.

Air Comp

Air Compressors


Amorphous Transformers


Oil-Free Air Compressors


Inkjet Printers


Submersible Motors


Variable Frequency Drives/ Inverters