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Amorphous Metal Transformers and Amorphous Metal Core

Amorphous Metal Core

Hitachi is a leading manufacturer of Amorphous Metal Core Transformers that reduce the impact on global environment. These transformers use an amorphous alloy in their iron core which improves electrical characteristics and significantly reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. Amorphous metal cores are effective for most distribution transformers. They are ideally suited for renewable energy applications such as wind farm and solar power, as they typically operate with 20~40% low load conditions.

The amorphous alloy is a non-crystal substance created by rapidly freezing liquids of high temperature. Because there is no rule of atomic arrangement, the energy loss (hysteresis loss) is small when the flux of magnetic induction passes through the iron core. In addition, eddy current loss is decreased because the thickness is approximately 0.03 mm, which is about 1/10 compared with silicon steel. Therefore, the no load loss (eddy current loss and hysteresis loss) can be decreased to about 1/5 of silicon steel's.

Amorphous Metal Core

Hitachi Amorphous Metal Core Material Characteristics Comparison

Please refer to the table below for material characteristic comparison of Hitachi Amorphous Metal Core:

Higher electrical resistance, almost triple of Silicon steel's [Silicon Steel: 50μΩ-cm, Amorphous Alloy: 130μΩ-cm]

Material Saturation flux density (T) Electrical resistance (μΩ - cm ) Iron loss (W/kg) (*1) Thickness (mm)
Silicon steel(Crystalline) 2.03 50 0.440 0.23
Amorphous Alloy (Non-crystal line) 1.56 130 0.070 0.025

(*1) Estimated; 50Hz, flux density 1.3T

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