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Amorphous Metal Transformers and Amorphous Metal Core

Technical Terminology - Hitachi Amorphous Metal Transformers & Core

The Hitachi Amorphous Metal Transformers & Core Technical Terminology gives brief definitions of commonly used technical terms in reference to Hitachi Amorphous Metal Transformers & Core products. By providing the technical terminology, we intend to help you better understand our products, and learn about the benefits you can derive from them.

Go through the following technical terminology used for Hitachi Amorphous Metal Transformers & Core products:

Amorphous Material:

A non-crystalline substance created by rapidly freezing liquids of high temperatures.

Eddy Current Loss:

When magnetic flux flows, eddy current flows to negate that flux. This eddy current causes loss, which is proportional to the resistance.

Hysteresis Loss:

By magnetic induction, magnetic domain rotates to have unified direction. The loss caused by this movement is hysteresis loss.

Load Loss (Copper Loss):

The loss that occurs because of the flow of load current, when loaded.

No Load Loss (Iron Loss):

The constant loss that always occurs regardless of whether loaded or not.