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Efficiently dry clean and cool work in process

Overview - Manufacturing and production organizations use air knives for a variety of purposes ranging from removing liquids, controlling the thickness of liquids during production, drying finished or in-process product, removing process debris or other impurities, cooling product surfaces, or providing a non-contact hold-down force. Air supplied by either industrial blowers or air compressors is used to force air through a specially designed nozzle to create a wide, thin, uniform concentrated air flow at a specified volume and velocity.

Application Challenges

An air knife / dust collection system typically involves many of the following issues:
- Pressure fluctuations or inconsistent air flow
- Resulting production quality issues
- Reducing energy consumption
- Inconsistent blow off of complex part shapes
- Static electricity (esp. in electronics production)
- System downtime reducing production uptime
- Frequent costly equipment maintenance
- Noise

Application Requirements

Products supporting an air knife / dust collection system should deliver:
- Precise controllable airflow
- Clean, oil-free air in many applications
- Energy efficiency
- High reliability/availability
- Easy operation and maintenance
- Quiet operation

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