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Controllable, efficient pressure for consistent results

Overview - Food, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing organizations must often produce materials that have a constant cross section using an extrusion process. The raw materials that these companies extrude are commonly food, plastics, metals, ceramics, and even pharmaceutical compounds used in drug manufacturing. Typically a large energy consumer and a core manufacturing process, extrusion systems must not only be efficient and highly reliable, but also highly responsive to changing production demands in order to deliver consistent results.

Application Challenges

An extrusion system typically involves many of the following issues:
- Accurately responding to dynamic torque demands
- System speed limiting production throughput
- System availability reducing production uptime
- Extrudate defects and production quality
- High maintenance costs
- Excessive energy costs

Application Requirements

Products supporting an extrusion system should deliver:
- Precise, responsive torque control
- Energy efficiency
- High reliability/availability
- Easy operation and maintenance
- Low operating costs
- Programmable flexibility to support production changes

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