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Flexible, safe, and reliable material handling

Overview - Overhead traveling hoist systems allow workers at manufacturing and production organizations to flexibly move materials of a variety of sizes and shapes that are often very heavy and difficult to handle. It is critical that the systems supporting this capability are not only efficient but highly reliably because production often depends on these systems. With dangerous loads involved, worker safety is also of paramount importance. Since usability and maintainability are critical factors in safe operation hoist systems should be easy to operate and simple to maintain with low overall operating costs.

Application Challenges

Using hoists to move material in production often involve the following considerations:
- Excessive equipment maintenance costs
- Wear and tear from hoist starts and stops
- Equipment outages decreasing production availability
- Inefficient energy use
- Higher utility costs
- Worker productivity
- Worker safety
- Low headroom, limited space

Application Requirements

Products that support overhead cranes and hoists should provide:
- Flexibility to handle range of load weights and shapes
- Thermal protection
- High reliability to increase/maintain production uptime
- Energy efficiency
- Low maintenance requirements
- Low operating costs
- Simple operating procedures
- Variable speed control option for smooth starts and stops
- Compact designs

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