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Reducing electricity costs and environmental impacts

Overview - Organizations needing to distribute electric power for applications in public facilities, office buildings, hospitals, and underground facilities are looking to reduce electricity costs associated with load and no load losses that occur at the transformer as well as minimize the environmental impacts of any transformer equipment. A transformer that uses an amorphous alloy core can significantly reduce standby electric power as well as at load losses. By more efficiently distributing electric power, this technology reduces CO2 emissions and helps prevent global warming.

Application Challenges

Power distribution concerns include:
- Reducing energy costs and load losses
- Limited space
- Durability / availability
- Noise
- Environmental concerns / Recycle-ability
- Risk of fire/explosion

Application Requirements

Products that help distribute electric power to businesses and facilities should provide:
- Low load losses even at no load
- Long transformer life (30+ years)
- Compact options when space is restricted
- Safe operation (minimize fire/explosion risks)
- Highly reliable

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Amorphous Transformers Support Sustainability

Amorphous Transformers Support Sustainability

Amorphous transformers are making major contributions to reducing CO2 emissions in pole mounted and industrial applications

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