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Acheiving consistently high quality and strict regulatory compliance

Industry Overview - The pressure to remain competitive and financially successful is intense as generics and slower discoveries and research efforts have changed the traditional business models for drug manufacturers and medical device makers. As a result, many organizations are looking for ways to extend the profit drawn from existing assets which means much greater focus on operational cost control measures and efficiency. Pharma and medical device manufacturers are further challenged by the recent increase in FDA oversight of manufacturing operations.

Production Challenges

Ageing, inefficient equipment limits your ability to respond to product mix changes and meet regulatory requirements. You need a better way to control operating costs and increase production uptime.

Equipment Requirements

You demand ultra-dependable equipment to help ensure product, purity, quality and traceability. In addition, your focus on cost containment dictates super energy-efficient equipment with low operating costs. Regulatory requirements specify legible, reliable, cost-effective product codes on a wide variety of packaging.