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Hitachi Oil Less Scroll Air Compressors
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Oil Less Scroll Air Compressors

Oil Less SRL Scroll Air Compressors

Contaminant Free Compressed Air
Hitachi Industrial Equipment's SRL oil less scroll air compressors are the result of innovative Hitachi technology that aims at providing oil-free and contaminant-free compressed air. Hitachi designed the SRL oil free scroll air compressors with focus on quality and performance, improving the efficiency of the most demanding industrial applications.

Features and Benefits

Purity of Air Compression

  • 100% oil less design to eliminate environmental emissions and concerns for natural resources.

Innovative Design

  • Proprietary tip seals and a unique scroll wrap to improve performance and extend service intervals.
  • Alumite™ treatment extends scroll life and limits life cycle cost.
  • Tip seal material to provide high performance with high reliability and extremely low wear.

Multi-Stage Cooling

  • Primary and secondary cooling to stabilize discharge temperature.

Hitachi Microprocessor Based Control

  • Cycle Control Logic (CCL) control provides high reliability, in the case of short cycling or when frequent start/stops occur. The maximum pressure is automatically raised to elongate the On/Off cycle and reduces the frequency of excessive restarting.
  • Automatic start/stop control standard.

Integrated Storage

  • Integrated air storage to promote accurate air system design (1.5 – 5.5kW simplex design).

Industry Leading Sound Levels & Vibration

  • Standard quiet enclosure.
  • Low sound levels to allow placement in a variety of locations.
  • Low vibration design to minimize leak paths.

Space Division

  • Compact unit in overall dimension.
  • Panel accessibility to promote space conservation.

In-House Manufacturing

  • Hitachi manufactures most of the major components of the SRL oil less air compressors:
       HITACHI Air end, HITACHI EP Act Efficiency Motor, HITACHI Microprocessor Based Control and HITACHI Enclosure.

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