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Hitachi RX-B (Basic) Model Continuous Inkjet Printers

RX-B (Basic) Model Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers

RX-B (Basic) Model Continuous Inkjet Printers

Suitable for small, micro or large character printing
Hitachi Industrial Equipment's RX-B model continuous inkjet printers are specially designed to provide ease of operation, flexible installation, and versatile equipment capability. The RX-B model is the basic model of Hitachi's RX Series continuous inkjet printers, suitable for a wide range of printing applications that require small, micro or larger character printing.
It works on a non-contact marking system to print variable product information directly on various substrates.

Features and Benefits


  • Large 10.4" Color TFT LCD Touch Panel
  • Direct touch button menu selection
  • Onscreen troubleshooting guide


  • Strong die-cast aluminum frame
  • Printhead 65µm nozzle with SS nozzle
  • Unique 4m flexible umbilical design to shield external high voltage exposure
  • Printhead umbilical interchangeable between inline & 90 degrees position


  • Unique ink return system to reduce solvent evaporation, which minimizes the mixing of air and ink
  • Combination of viscosity control and density control to reduce solvent consumption and maintain high print quality


  • USB data storage, software upgrade and data transfer functionalities
  • External serial communication (RS-232) capabilities (RX-B Optional)


  • RoHS compliant 304 SS IP55 enclosure
  • Handles for easy portability
  • Console dimensions (15.75"W x 12.50"D x 19.00"H)

RX-B Series Inkjet Printers Applications