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Transformers - Amorphous Metal Core Transformers – Support

Hitachi support provides all the information you need related to Hitachi Amorphous Metal Transformers & Core products. Whether it's Amorphous Metal Core technical support, terminology, useful information & formulas, or design & quotation form, you will find all at one place

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Hitachi has conducted extreme research and development to product efficient, high performance and environment friendly products. To get complete information on our transformers, please select from the below links to download general and product specific support documents, if you do not find the information you need, please feel free to send an email to We will normally respond to your inquiry before the end of the next business day.


Transformers – Amorphous Metal Core Transformers

Transformers – Oil-Immersed Pad Mounted

Transformers – Molded

Transformers - Overhead Pole Mounted

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