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Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi Industrial Electric Motors

Hitachi, Ltd. was initially founded in 1910 as an electric repair shop. Hitachi was the first to manufacture electric motors in Japan in 1914. Today, Hitachi manufactures state-of-the-art motors and motor products ranging from the smallest micro motors to the largest motor and generator sets available anywhere in the world.

Industrial Motors Greater than 250 hp

Hitachi Industrial Motors Greater than 250 hp

A complete line of Hitachi motors above 250 hp are available through Hitachi America, Ltd.

For further information (supply record), please visit: http://www-pis.hitachi.co.jp/induction-e/index.html

For product sales information, delivery and application assistance please contact:

Hitachi America, Ltd.
Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division
Jeffrey Elm
4085 Willow Creek Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044
Tel: (724) 444-5671
Fax: (724) 502-4176