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Hitachi America, Ltd.


Hitachi America, Ltd., Research & Development

R&D is the key to enhancing the industrial power and keeping the social development stable. Hitachi is applying full effort in tackling the challenge of research and development for revolutionary advancement of the key technologies for the 21st century, including nanotechnology, energy conservation technology, and social-information infrastructure.

The Research and Development Division was established in 1989 with the primary goal of creating new technology for Hitachi’s businesses in North America. Today, Hitachi America, Ltd. has five laboratories across the United States.

The Automotive Products Research Laboratory (APL) based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is strategically located next to many US automotive OEMs. APL develops technologies related to green mobility required for cleaner next generation vehicles. We are involved in efficient engine management systems, electrical powertrain systems related to Hybrid Electric Vehicles and vehicle dynamics. Our research and development team is involved in computational analysis, cyber-physical modeling, material characterization, EMC and NVH technologies applied to automotive devices.

The San Jose Innovative Solutions Laboratory (SNSL) in Santa Clara, California, was established in December 1999 as the R&D team on IT platforms, specialized on storage systems and solutions. Today, in the time horizontally aligned and/or vertically integrated offerings are important, the scope of research has extended to data center management, virtualization, converged IT, and cloud computing as well as analytics platform for solution.

The wireless systems research laboratory (WSRL), formed in 2005, is the North American unit of the global telecommunications research and development activities in Hitachi Ltd. WSRL contributes to Hitachi’s patent portfolio by developing original technologies, validates them through hardware prototyping and extensive system-level simulations and closely collaborates with the product and business units for developing PoCs. The current focus of WSRL is end to end network optimization and analytics involving joint access and core network policies. WSRL is also involved in 4G LTE-Advanced standardization and participates in 3GPP standardization discussions and meetings. WSRL will broaden its research field to realize future wireless systems.

The User Experience Design Lab (UXDL) in Santa Clara, California, was established in April 2011. Its mission is to enhance experiences with Hitachi products and services through social science research and design. Today, its involvement has expanded from IT management software to cross-industrial solution business. The field research and usability tests, among other activities, are conducted to understand customer’s needs and contexts, and based on the research findings, design solutions are created for current and future products and services as well as future visions, collaborating with other stakeholders and customers.

The Big Data Lab (BDL) in Santa Clara, California was newly established in June 2013. The mission is to create innovative solutions leveraging big data & advanced analytics technologies, as well as accelerate Hitachi’s big data businesses through the creation of key IP, PoCs and showcases. Leveraging Hitachi’s technologies, the Big Data Laboratory will contribute to the realization of Hitachi’s vision of “Social Innovation” and establish Hitachi as a leader in big data.

The Research and Development Division also has projects which will contribute to the future regional business.

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