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SD Camera Blocks - VK-S454N/EN



  • x23 Optical zoom lens
  • x12 Digital Zoom Magnification
  • Image Sensor: 1/4" Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD, NTSC/PAL output

    The Hitachi VK-S454N/S454EN is a RoHS-Compliant compact chassis-type camera designed for surveillance of various sites under a wide range of light conditions. Even high-contrast scenes can be captured without glare or loss of detail thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range design. The Digital Slow Shutter and Removable IR Cut Filter function make the camera particularly suitable for monitoring sites at nighttime or dark locations.

  • Hitachi DSP 8 camera control
  • 23X Optical Zoom F1.6 Lens and practical f value 3.6-82.8mm
  • IR cut filter removed for Day/Night capability
  • 1.0 lux typical sensitivity, 50 IRE, 0.01 lux IR Cut Filter Off
  • Composite Video Output, YUV422 8 bit digital output
  • 1/4" Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD, NTSC/PAL output
  • 540 TV Lines of Resolution
  • Motion Detection, Frame Noise Reduction, Wide Dynamic Range
  • S/N 50dB or more
  • Privacy Masking 2 Zone 2-D, 8 Zone 3-D
  • Operating Temperature 0-60 degrees C
  • Serial Control via TTL
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Hitachi’s Wide Dynamic Range Technology uses two shutter speeds in alternative video fields–high and normal–every 60th (or 50th) of a second and combines two fields into one progressive scan frame. It allows every detail to be captured accurately even if one portion of an image is very bright while other portions are dark. Whether at the high shutter speed or normal shutter speed, the progressive scan CCD provides a horizontal resolution of 470 lines. As a result, combined fields yield a frame of high-quality images.

  • Removable IR Cut Filter
    Ordinary color cameras feature a fixed IR cut filter for clear color images in daylight conditions. The VK-S454N/S454EN, however, is equipped with a removable IR cut filter. Under very low light conditions, the IR cut filter is automatically turned off to deliver brighter images than other color video cameras do.

  • Digital Slow Shutter (D.S.S.)
    The Digital Slow Shutter allows the camera a long exposure time of 1/2 (1/1.5) second. This translates into a higher sensitivity and minimum illumination of only 0.1 lx (IR cut filter on), 0.02 lx (IR cut filter off) or 0 lx with the IR illuminator.

  • Digital Image Flip
    When the camera scans more than a certain amount of degrees while tracking a moving object, it digitally flips the object’s image upside-down on the monitor. This means you can track an object moving underneath the camera in a continuous shot.

  • Internal/External Sync
    The camera may operate by its own internal sync or under control of an external source like a sync generator. Internal/external sync capability expands the range of the camera’s applications.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    With these new RoHS-Compliant models, make your organization environmentally conscious. The VK-S454N/ S454EN cameras enable you to not only monitor your environment but also help preserve it.

  • Privacy Zone Masking Function
    When there are windows, entrances and other objects within the camera’s vision that are not subject to surveillance, they can be masked on the monitor for protection of privacy. This makes the VK-S454N/454EN particularly suitable for outdoor surveillance.

  • Built-In Optical Power Zoom Lens
    A reliable built-in x23 optical zoom lens allows the user to monitor a scene from any angle. Combined with x12 digital zoom, the total zoom ratio is x276.

  • D.S.P. for Intelligent Control
    A.I. auto iris keeps video output constant, compensating for variations in illumination. A.I. auto white balance allows natural color reproduction under any ambient lighting.

  • Motion Detect Function
    For the ultimate in remote monitoring the VK-S454N/454EN comes with full motion detect functionality. Save time when this camera shoots what you need–when you need it.


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security camera solutions offer a peace of mind.

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