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Hitachi Access Control System

TelekinEASY T1: No-Touch Interactive Signage


The TelekinEASY system uses machine vision to convert pointing gestures into on-screen selections. It’s easy to customize your survey or signage message using web-friendly images, videos and animations.

TelekinEASY T1: Demographics and analytics module

Use the analytics plug-in option to learn about the visitors. Record guests age, gender, attention and dwell time. Count and analyze your traffic by time of day/week/month. Filter the selections made by analytic categories to learn preferences.



Multi-Purpose 3D-LiDAR (TOF) Analytics Platform

Multi-Purpose 3D Analytics Platform


3D-LiDAR (TOF) Motion Sensor

  • Multiple usage applications: security enhancement, retail and marketing analysis, warehouse and manufacturing, care facilities and hospitals
  • Wide viewing range, high precision distance measurement with 3D data
  • Detectable in bright light and low light


Retail Store Point-of-Sale Solution video

Hand detection in front of shelves


Volume Sizing




Human tracking within retail stores


3D Point Cloud


Skeleton function for workers