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AMX Corporation

AMX Corporation

At work. At play. AMX Corporation incorporates one-touch control solutions to make business and home the perfect blends of technology and simplicity. For the past 20 years, AMX has led the industry with innovative control system products – sophisticated technology designed to be easy to use and understand.

Our strategy includes working with leading manufacturers, dealers and distributors to develop powerful control systems that successfully integrate and automate literally thousands of electronic devices. It's Your World. Take Control.

This is your window into the world of control. AMX Touch Panels display sharp icons, vivid graphics and seamless video. Instantly take control of any integrated piece of audio/video, environmental and communications equipment by simply pressing on-screen command buttons.

The AMX Control System is the catalyst for making control happen throughout your environment. The Controller translates information between Touch Panels and the connected equipment to obtain the desired results. These could be as simple as controlling a single component or as complex as managing hundreds of integrated devices, all at the touch of a button.

The AMX Control System is engineered to communicate with any electronic equipment such as cameras, pagers, PDAs, intercoms, video monitors, plasma screens, projectors, DVD and VCR players, lighting, thermostats, personal computers and more.

For more information, please visit www.amx.com

Bitlogix Software

Bitlogix Software

Bitlogix Software develops software tools for audiovisual applications to assist in controlling and maintaining audiovisual equipment over a LAN/WAN. Bitlogix's products are designed for IT system & network administration, and audiovisual management at cost effective prices.

NetControl® - TCP/IP based Media Control Software
NetControl is a software application for controlling audiovisual equipment over a LAN/WAN. Tracking up to 300 audiovisual devices on a network using NetControl along with TCP/IP network interfaces or projectors with integrated network adapters is an easy task. A powerful and intuitive user interface gives important information about installed projectors. Many useful control functions are provided through the database driven control manager, event manager, status report manager and the anti-theft control. NetControl offers the ability to do remote maintenance from a computer without actually seeing the projector. NetControl is designed for university campus, government facilities, rental applications or companies with multi-floor and even multibuilding presentation applications.

NetControl® - Anti-Theft Control
NetControl’s theft control feature efficiently monitors all activated devices on the network. The software reports a possible theft even in the event of no power to projector or TCP/IP interface. NetControl anti-theft alarm notifies the user with a visual and audio on-screen alarm and sends alarm notifications by e-mail. The software can also send alerts to digital cellular phones.

NetControl® - Status Reporting
NetControl provides a powerful tool to analyze and supervise audiovisual equipment. NetControl can generate status reports for devices and forward the reports by e-mail. Lamp life, power control, input selection, temperature control and signal detection are just a view examples of NetControl’s feature-rich status reporting tool.

For more information about NetControl software, please visit our website www.bitlogix.com.

Crestron Electronics

Crestron Electronics

Crestron Electronics is the world's premier designer and manufacturer of advanced control systems and distribution solutions for audio, video and the Internet. As a leader in the systems integration market, Crestron believes in an open platform approach that lets the products of partner manufacturers perform to their specifications as plug-and-play devices in a Crestron system. Since our operating system supports any combination of communication methods, they may be seamlessly integrated into a Crestron business or home environment, regardless of the device or number of devices.

For further details please visit us at www.crestron.com

Extron Electronics

Extron Electronics

Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of profes-sional A/V system products including computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, scalers, scan converters, signal processing devices, Ethernet control interfaces, and high resolution cables. Extron products are used to integrate video and audio into presentation systems for today’s high tech boardrooms, presentation/training centers, university lecture halls, and other appli-cations.

System Monitoring
Extron IP Link™ is a high performance intelligent network solution specifically engineered for Web-enabling professional A/V systems. Offering an integrated Web server, global compatibility with Ethernet communication protocols, and multi-user support, IP Link Ethernet con-trol interfaces enable almost any A/V device to be monitored, scheduled and accessed from any computer connected to an IP-based network. Extron provides a free Web asset management application, Global Viewer™, for use with IP Link interfaces. Global Viewer features multiple room views, real-time device status, e-mail notification, and event scheduling. Together, IP Link technology with Global Viewer software can create a powerful, scalable, Web based asset management system.

Simple Control Solutions
The Extron MediaLink™ System is a family of easy-to-use and inexpensive products that work together to control A/V equipment in any small, one-projector classroom, boardroom, or auditorium. The MediaLink Controller acts as an extended remote control panel, and can be mounted on a wall, podium, or lectern. MediaLink Switchers can be used in conjunction with the MediaLink Controller to expand the input capabilities of projectors and other display devices. MediaLink Accessories include a variety of source device control modules, remotes, wall plates, mounting brackets, and junction boxes.

Twisted Pair Long Distance Signal Transmission
Extron Twisted Pair transmitters and receivers are a versatile family of products that permit long-distance distribution of RGB video, component video, S-video, composite video, stereo audio, and serial control signals over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable such as Category 5, 5e, and 6. With the addition of Extron twisted pair matrix switchers, and distribution amplifiers, entire twisted pair A/V signal distribution systems can be created.

For more information please visit us at www.extron.com



Hitachi offers Network Management solutions for its LCD projector line through the combination of Hitachi’s “PJ Man”™ (Projector Management Application software) and Lantronix devices, allowing remote management and monitoring capabilities over the network. The UDS device servers enable management of serial devices over IP-based Ethernet networks. Both products provide a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to bring the advantages of data accessibility and remote management to thousands of devices that are not currently connected to a network.

Magenta Research

Magenta Research

Serving the Pro-AV and digital signage markets for over 10 years, Magenta Research is a pioneer in the transmission, switching and flexible distribution of audio, video and serial signals over structured cabling. Using low cost UTP cables, Magenta's flagship MultiView Series extends pristine quality video and audio with serial data at 1920x1200 resolution over an unmatched distance of 2000ft/609m. Fully compatible with the MultiView Series, Magenta's Mondo Matrix delivers the world's largest, most scalable and the only field-upgradeable full-matrix switching platform with modular configurations from 16x16 to 256x512. Combined with Magenta's Infinea UTP and fiber extension products, Magenta's comprehensive product portfolio, not only covers virtually any AV distribution requirement, but also boasts the industry's most reliable signal distribution product line. Ideal for any application environment, it comes as no surprise that products from Magenta Research have been chosen for innumerable high-profile installations around the world.

For further information please visit us at www.lantronix.com

Wireless Presentation

Avocent Corporation

Avocent Corporation

Avocent Corporation is the leading supplier of connectivity solutions for enterprise data centers. With the release of the world’s first wireless VGA extender, Avocent now provides a fresh new approach to broadcasting information for digital signage and projection systems.

The Avocent LongView® and AutoView® Wireless systems connect computer-based audio/video sources with display devices such as LCDs, plasma displays and projectors. By replacing the VGA cable with wireless transmission, Avocent systems are ideal for installations where hard wiring is difficult or impossible to accomplish.

Simply a hardware solution, the Avocent wireless systems consist of a transmitter and one or many receivers. Avocent LongView Wireless is a point-to-point system permitting audio, video and digital data to be transmitted from one source computer to one display or projector. It includes one transmitter and one receiver with their power supplies.

For more information please visit us at www.avocent.com

Interlink Electronics by SMK-LINK

Interlink Electronics

Interlink Electronics by SMK-LINK is a world-renowned leader in providing award winning presentation products with over eighteen years of proven experience. Interlink Electronics consistently offers unique and innovative designs. Interlink Electronics’ world-class distribution, service, and support will further solidify Interlink Electronics position in the presentation market. Interlink Electronics offers one of the widest selections of wireless products for presentations, mobile professionals and meeting rooms including the Presentation Pilot Pro, RemotePoint Global Presenter, RemotePoint Navigator 2.4, RemotePoint RF, RemotePoint, VersaPoint® Communicator, VersaPoint Communicator Remote, VersaPoint Keyboard, RF Combo Pack, and GoSpeak! UltraPortable Speaker System.

Interlink Electronics has earned the Editors Choice distinction for best remote control device in Laptop, Pen Computing and Presentations Magazine. Our products have also received endorsements and positive reviews in PC Magazine, Business Week, Newsweek, CNet, ExtremeTech, CNN, PC Go!, PC Advisor, InTouch, Consumer Review, SpeakerNet News, Smart Computing, Government Computer News, Federal Computer Week, Personal Computer World, and Presenting Communications.

Interlink Electronics products are widely used by members of the National Speakers Organization and Toastmasters. The members of these organizations praise our products and openly state that Interlink remotes add to their confidence and credibility at speaking engagements.

For more information please visit us at www.smklink.com

NewSoft Technology

NewSoft Technology

NewSoft Technology Corporation connects creativity with its array of award-winning image, video, DVD, and WLAN software & hardware products. Focusing on integrating hardware and software so it can provide the best solutions for its worldwide partners and customers, NewSoft is well known for its advanced technology, innovative design and diverse product lines.

NewSoft’s Presto! WMS (Wireless Multimedia System) implements the latest Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g technology to provide users with the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images, MPEG 1/ 2 files from any Wi-Fi enabled PC or notebook, to multiple PCs, notebooks or VGA /XVGA projectors incorporating hardware receiver adapters.

For more information please visit us at www.newsoftinc.com