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The Da-Lite Screen Company has been the worldwide leader in projection screen technology for over nine decades. Founded in Chicago in 1909, Da-Lite has continuously provided market leadership and superior products for both the professional audio video and home theater markets. Whether your needs are corporate, educational, religious, rental or bringing the silver screen into your home, Da-Lite offers a comprehensive product line that will exceed your expectations. Our internal sales staff boast national certifications typically reserved for professional installers. Da-Lite’s dedication to professional audiovisual education and premier products continue to distinguish our team which translates into world-class customer service and market knowledge.

For more information please visit us at www.da-lite.com

Draper, Inc.

Draper, Inc.

For over one hundred years, Draper, Inc. has been manufacturing quality to meet the needs of corporations, educational institutions and homeowners. Draper is known for quality products and innovative ideas. Every product is tested and inspected before being packaged for shipment.

Projection Screens: Electric or manual operation, or choose fixed screens for front or rear projection. Sizes and surfaces for every need. Suitable for conference centers, classrooms, auditoriums and home theatres.

Lifts and Mounts: Our motorized ceiling-recessed projector lifts are innovative, compact and reliable. We offer quality, high tech mounts for projectors and flat panel displays, including plasma, LCD and TFT types.

For more information please visit us at www.draperinc.com

Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen

As a family owned company, established in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen takes pride in their product. All Stewart projection screens are custom made. Highly skilled craftsmen produce projection screens from quality raw materials. Screens are created in-house from start to finish and maintain a strict quality control inspection at every stage in the manufacturing process.

Stewart Filmscreen Corporation offers a wide variety of screen materials, masking and framing options to suit every viewing environment. Depending on your projection set-up and environment, choose from any of Stewart’s innovative award winning gray screens (such as FireHawk or GrayHawk) or industry standard matte white screens (such as StudioTek or Videomatte). All are designed to opti-mize image fidelity. Since screens are manufactured in-house, all fixed or retractable models are available in any size you desire with or without vertical or horizontal masking panels.

The people building your screens are literally the same people building screens for Mission Control (NASA), flight simulators, AMC theaters, a "Circle vision" for Disney's EPCOT Center, Disney California and special effect screens for Lucasfilm. Only Stewart Filmscreen has the capabilities to build custom screens for these unique projects and manufacture home cinema screen with the same quality.

Through the 50 years manufacturing, Stewart Filmscreen has earned multiple awards with very upstanding companies and industries.

For more information please visit us at www.stewartfilmscreen.com

Vutec Corporation


Vutec Corporation founded in 1977, is one of the world’s leading video projection screen manufacturers, with a state-of-the-art product line developed to satisfy the ever-changing demands of video enthusiasts and audio/video dealers worldwide.  As a global leader in video projection screen technology, Vutec holds numerous patents and patents-pending on a multitude of viewing products.
Vutec Corporation is a privately held company with corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities, located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Providing services through an expanding global network of authorized dealers and distributors in 67 countries, Vutec products and accessories are designed for home theater, commercial, industrial, educational and institutional markets worldwide.
For more information please visit us at www.vutec.com