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Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd., Research & Development

The Financial Innovation Laboratory (FIL) was established in 2016 to support customer co-creation projects with financial services clients. These projects are currently focused on blockchain and data sciences. By utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies available to the industry, we develop new products and services for our customers. By drawing on the research of other departments in Hitachi’s R&D we are able to identify new intersections between industrial, IoT and financial data to create new opportunities for our customers.

Research Topics


Hitachi began researching blockchain technologies in the early 2000’s, with its first patent issued in 2003. This work predates the well-known Bitcoin white paper that launched the technology into the mainstream. Hitachi is now a Premier member of the Hyperledger Project. This open source global initiative is creating a business-standard blockchain platform for businesses. FIL is at the forefront of applying Hyperledger and its distributed ledger technology to solve complex business problems.


Hyperledger and blockchain technologies have the power to transform many business processes and industries cover banking, insurance, global trade and supply chains, identity management, and much more. Through the co-creation process, FIL works closely with clients to reengineer business process and design blockchain solutions to maximize the client value. The result is novel solutions that can’t be obtained elsewhere in the market.

As a premier member of the Hyperledger Project, Hitachi has committed significant resources to developing and testing software for the opensource community. This means our researchers are some of the best trained blockchain developers in the world. They are the ones helping shape its future.

Big Data, Machine Learning and AI

Financial Services have been leveraging big data and related technologies for years to support reporting, regulatory compliance, fraud detection and more. FIL is focused on solving unique problems not currently supported by the usual vendors with standard products. With access to dozens of data researchers, we can help organizations analyze their data in new ways.

FIL is perfectly positioned to merge the worlds of IoT and industrial data with financial services. By tapping into Hitachi’s experience with industrial systems, we can analyze data in new ways to support financial services. Predictive maintenance data becomes a risk tool for an insurance product, while energy grid data becomes a new commodities trading tool.

So whether it is leveraging data to create new products, or finding new value in what you already have, FIL can help unlock the value of your data.

Strategic Consulting

The FIL team at Hitachi has experience with a wide range of financial services systems and business models. FIL can assist reimagining your business and the systems that support it. Hitachi has built systems and products for some of the large financial services companies in the world.