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Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd., Research & Development

The IT Platform Systems Laboratory (IPSL) in Santa Clara, California, was established in December 1999 as the R&D team on IT platforms, specialized on storage systems and solutions. Today, in the time horizontally aligned and/or vertically integrated offerings are important, the scope of research has extended to data center management, virtualization, converged IT, cloud computing and analytics platform for solution co-created with customers.

Research Area

Publications (Since 2011)

  • Y. Sakashita, et al., “A Statistical Inference Method of Configuration Data for Root Cause Analysis for Fault Management,”  Journal of Information Processing Society of Japan, Vol. 56(3), pp. 767-776, Mar. 15, 2015.
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Patent applications (Since 2000)

 Note: The patent information on this web site is as of its publication (June 2015) and is subject to change without notice.

IT platform

IPSL researches and develops next generation IT platform and Cloud technologies. Our research covers Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI), Scalable Storage for Data Lake, Orchestration and Automation technologies for Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), and Converged Platform System, to meet various requirements of DevOps as well as Mission Critical. Also we have Innovation Labs in which we show demonstration of our technologies for co-innovation with leading edge customers.

Abstract Infrastructure for Agility / Automate to Simplify IT Infrastructure

Real-time Analytics

IPSL is engaged in building Big Data Analytics architecture and customer driven solutions with focus on developing innovative “first of a kind” real-time analytics solutions and related platforms especially for connected internet and telecom service providers. Currently various services such as web, video streaming, voice and IoT (Internet of Things) have been achieved on networks, but there have not been a way to manage packets distributed on networks for service assurance.  We developed real-time network analytics solutions along with leading-edge customers, and also software-based platform technology with business divisions and other R&D labs of the Hitachi group.  Our developed platform includes stream data processing engine and time-series database that enable both real-time fine-grained analytics and visualization, and online traceability of past network traffics.  In-progress and upcoming areas of our joint study with NSL and BDL focus on real-time QoS (Quality of Service) controlling of networks, service QoE (Quality of Experience) monitoring and real-time traffic prediction.

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