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Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd., Research & Development

The User Experience Design Lab (UXD) in Santa Clara, California, was established in April 2011, to enhance user experience with Hitachi products and services through design. Foresight and ideation workshops, ethnography, usability evaluations and other processes are conducted to deeply and fully understand customers’ contexts as well as the challenges and opportunities within. In collaboration with customers and other stakeholders, UXD creates future visions and design solutions for current and future business challenges.

Co-Innovation Process

UXD is comprised of design researchers and solution designers. Our mission is to advocate for stakeholder perspectives and help build solutions that are aligned with real life context of implementation. We use the following co-innovation process.

The process consists of three phases: discover, design, and demonstrate

  • Discover customer contexts and opportunities and share vision with customer.
  • Design solution concepts, business models and prototypes.
  • Demonstrate and validate solutions to confirm their value.

Foresight Workshop

  • Explore emerging trends to ideate future opportunities for solution.
  • Translate foresight into business insights by mapping the most relevant trends in the future, organizational strategies and goals.

Ethnography / Interview

  • Conduct observational and/or interview research on customer’s operations to understand stakeholders in their contexts.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities, and generate requirements, organize priorities for design ideation from customers’ and/or their customers’ perspectives.

Consensus Building

  • Identify, review and challenge various stakeholders’ assumptions to determine the best opportunities for the new solution.

Solution Design

  • Information, money, services, products, and data between different stakeholders. Stakeholder mapping: Describe businesses, partners, customers, and others who play key roles in the success of the solution in question. Detail the flow of

  • Journey mapping: Describe the long term view of how stakeholders engage with the services and products, including various critical touch points. Detail different steps of engagements to identify and resolve roadblocks to success.

UI/Visual Design

  • Design UI based on clear understanding of users’ goals and challenges, and materialize the ideal engagement in the UI.

UX/UI Evaluation

  • Evaluate our hypotheses on requirements and stakeholder values.
  • Perform contextual observations, and lab based in-person assessments of prototypes and/or products.