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Hitachi America, Ltd.Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd., Research & Development

The User Experience Design Lab (UXD) in Santa Clara, California, was established in April 2011. Its mission is to enhance experiences with Hitachi products and services through social science research and design. Today, its involvement has expanded from IT management software to cross-industrial solution business.

Social science research activities such as ethnography and usability testing, among other activities, are conducted to understand customer’s challenges and contexts. Based on the research findings, design solutions for current and future products and services as well as future visions are created, collaborating with other stakeholders and customers.

UXD 3D method (UXD’s approach to innovation)

UXD uses 3D method, a innovation approach from the perspectives of User/Customer/Society.

This is the typical process of 3D method.

  1. In Discover phase, UX Researchers discover customer challenges and their contexts.
  2. In Develop phase, consensus and solution ideas are developed with stakeholders.
  3. In Design phase, UX Designers build sample expressions of the solutions, which researchers evaluate with customers.

Social Science Approach

Lately, some advanced projects require social scientific approach for innovation. UX Researcher brings social scientific insights from synthesis of customer challenges and contexts.

Visualization (UI design / Info-graphics)

Common UI components with info-graphics accelerate customer discussions.

Common UI components are expanding through PoC activities; collaboration with other labs.


To evaluate solution ideas, usability testing is one of the methods used. UX Researchers have expertise in coordinating and conducting the tests, and generating insights from the outcome to improve the evaluated services and products.